The TuckTop™ - Freedom You Wear

Let her choose: Gift Cards

MSRP $105.00
Let her choose:  Gift Cards
Let her choose:  Gift Cards

Now you can give a TuckTop to friends and family and let them choose the style, size, and color!  Gift Cards act as currency and can be used toward ANY purchase in our online store.

Gift Cards discount: now 15% off

Limited Time offer - Discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

  • $105 Gift Card -  pay only $89.25 with discount
    • This gift card value will typically cover the cost of a TuckTop Tank, plus tax and shipping*.
  • $125 Gift Card - pay only $106.25 with discount 
    • This gift card value will typically cover the cost of any Long Sleeve TuckTop, plus tax and shipping*.
  • $150 Gift Card - pay only $127.50 with discount 
    • Help her build a TuckTop power wardrobe of her choice - freedom you wear every day!
  • $200 Gift Card - pay only $170.00 with discount 
    • Double up! This value will typically  cover the cost of TWO TuckTops, and two or more TuckTops always ship for free!

A TuckTop is a unique, beautiful, and useful gift for the awesome women in your life.

* USA shipping costs and taxes vary by destination and state. 

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