The TuckTop™ - Freedom You Wear

About TuckTop

I created the TuckTop™ because I don't like carrying a purse, I travel a lot, and I like my hands free.

Prior to one trip I wondered "how can I use my curves to carry stuff but make it look like I'm not?". TuckTop™ is the result.

The TuckTop took its maiden voyage on a family vacation. As my teens skipped through the meadow singing "The Sound of Music" I whipped my phone from the front pocket of my first tucktop prototype and snapped this photo.  

For me it captures the true value of having your things tucked close and secure: freedom to cherish the moment!

It is an ongoing adventure turning an idea into a company. My reward is seeing the genuine joy women get from useful pockets!

TuckTop: Freedom you wear :)

Kim Epp Frenette

Creator and CEO of TuckTop by Free Woman Apparel

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